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The primary aim of Let’s Talk is to improve the individual’s wellbeing and their ability to manage their emotional distress and life’s pressures. This is achieved by empowering them to easily access good quality therapy services that will meet their needs and support people in moving forwards.

The pathway will be delivered through community based primary care services offering a range of evidence based interventions to address the needs of those with common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and identified therapies that provide support to people with a wider range of mental health needs. It will employ a wider wellbeing model rather than a pure health model and will provide services in the heart of the community to meet the differing needs of Hull’s diverse population.

The Let’s Talk service will ensure a more effective and efficient service for the people of Hull, that offers timely, evidence-based interventions according to the needs of individuals. This is set against a national context where the Government has published a number of documents in particular “Improving Access to Psychological Therapies” (IAPT), Patient Choice, NHS Mandate, NHS Payment and Pricing System for Mental Health and the, all of which are aimed at improving access to services and ensuring value for money.

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