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MBCT can help with mild to moderate difficulties with stress and depression or after completing one to one treatment as relapse prevention.  It encourages you to move towards, rather than avoid difficult emotions and experiences enabling you to change your relationship with these experiences.

It is offered as an online course in small groups of 8-15 people. Each weekly session is 2 hours long and the course runs for 8 weeks.

MBCT can help you become more aware of your patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours and to spot and respond mindfully to warning signs of worsening stress or depression.

Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

The main focus of the sessions are guided meditations and mindfulness practices. These include laying down, sitting and movement practices. Each session will have a theme such as ‘Awareness vs. Autopilot’ and we will explore how these themes relate to your experiences.


After a session we will invite you to share what it was like for you. The discussions are a really important part of the course as they help you to become more aware of your patterns.

NB: This is not group therapy and we will not ask you to share personal information.

Practicing at home

Each week, you will be given different practices to do at home that support the learning from the guided session.

Home practice is an essential part of the programme and it’s important that you commit to 40-60 minutes of home practice a day for the duration of the course.

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