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A free four week course of treatment that helps you manage your anxiety and depression.

The course is run virtually via MS Teams and is a psychoeducational group, with no participant interaction required (i.e. no cameras needed). 

We will talk about:

  • Understanding anxiety and general stress
  • Understanding low mood and what triggers it
  • Techniques for managing difficult thoughts
  • Managing the expectations we set ourselves and others
  • Managing anger and techniques for communication assertively
  • Helpful ways to put techniques into practice.

Session 1: What is stress?

Problems with stress are very common. This session looks at what stress is and how it can affect people differently, looking at the two main problems of stress; anxiety and depression. We will also talk about CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and how feeling bad, thinking negatively, and unhelpful behaviour can lead to a vicious cycle and more stress.

Session 2: Controlling your body

Anxiety and low mood has a huge impact upon us physically. This session looks at the effects that stress, anxiety and depression can have on your body and teaches some strategies to reduce and cope with these often distressing symptoms.

Session 3: Controlling your thoughts

How we think about ourselves and our lives has a massive effect on how we feel. This session uses cognitive techniques from CBT to look at balancing and changing the way we think about things.

Session 4: Controlling your behaviours

What we feel and how we think often leads to us behaving in certain ways. This final session looks at positive actions that can reduce stress, looking at further interventions for breaking the vicious cycle of feeling bad, negative thinking and unhelpful behaviour

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