Sarah, 10 year history of panic attacks

Sarah has had a 10 year history of panic attacks and anxiety and was never sure what was happening to her. Sarah was only given anti-depressant medication following a recent GP visit.  Sarah was watching a television programme that depicted someone with panic and realised this was her problem, and then requested a referral for talking therapies. Sarah identified triggers for panic, other than feeling quite self-conscious in some situations when around other people eg:  waiting in the school playground with other parents to pick her children up.  Sarah can sometimes be relaxing watching TV and feel panicked.  Often notices a change in heart beat or pain in chest and then develops other symptoms, fears she is having a heart attack or that she will faint, this often causes more symptoms.  Doesn't avoid anything she can think of, but has left situations such as the supermarket or work when having symptoms to try and get fresh air or breathe because she is embarrassed in front of others.

Sarah has expressed a need to be able to manage her panic and anxiety in order to function on a daily basis.

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