Ian, work related stress

Ian was the manager of a department within a large company.  It was generally acknowledged that he was doing a good job.  One day when he was out shopping in a large busy store, when he suddenly felt breathless, his chest was tight and he was feeling hot and struggling to breathe.  He was in a state of collapse and he was convinced he was having a heart attack.

He was taken to hospital by ambulance and investigations showed no evidence of a heart attack or heart disease. 

When he subsequently went to see his GP and given all the symptoms Ian experienced they agreed that Ian might be suffering with work-related stress.  Ian was referred to Psychological Wellbeing Services by his GP and was offered to attend a programme of Stress Control.

Ian did not want treatment that clashed with his working hours but as the programme was run later in the day Ian could attend outside of his working hours.  Attending the course helped Ian to recognise that his symptoms were related to stress.  This helped Ian to look more closely at his coping strategies and changes he could be making at work.  For example by improving his communication skills and using relaxation techniques before meetings Ian was able to reduce his stress levels.

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